October Powder

After seeing the snow forecast for the Valais on Saturday afternoon I left Lausanne and rushed back up to Verbier to meet up with Sam and Hugo, two of my skiing buddies who are still in Switzerland. A plan was hatched over a few beers in the Loft and with trepidation we headed to bed with thick snow falling, agreeing to meet at the main lift in Verbier at 9am the next day. On Sunday morning we woke to bluebird weather and over a foot of snow in the Village. I couldn’t believe our luck! maybe my old skis wouldn’t be getting as trashed as I was expecting them to. We headed up the mountain, meeting with Steph and Petter along the way, snapped on the skis and went for it. Sure there were a few rocks but beautiful weather and waist deep snow meant that the first ski of the season was one to remember. Hugo and I lapped the Medran-Ruinettes bubble 8 times before the snow got too heavy and although I’m suffering with some pretty bruised toenails this week, Skiing powder before my Birthday (28th October) was pretty special.

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Downhill Mountain Biking for breakfast, Multi-pitch sport climbing for Lunch

As well as being super hectic, setting up Verbier Music Festival Camps, the last few days have also brought with them amazing weather. This has allowed me to get out swimming, running, mountain biking and, most importantly, multi-pitch rock climbing on Pierre Avoi (5 or 6 pitch routes on fantastic rock high above Verbier). I climbed “L’Arete” (5c) and “Edelweiss” (6a) on Tuesday and Sunday with my room mate Cam and “Tit Train”(5a) on Thursday with my girlfriend Lily. Awesome climbing everyday but the top 3 pitches of “Edelweiss” were the best I’ve ever climbed, fantastically athletic moves on great rock.

P.s. I’ve also had my order foray into Downhill Mountain Biking and I think I’m hooked, more on that later though.

 Here are some pictures of the climbing:


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Long shadows over Verbier

For my first run after getting back to the mountains I decided to get a good climb in. I headed from Verbier, down to Patier, up past St Christophe to Le Chateau, under Pierre D’Avoi and down to Carrefour. It was a great run, with challenging terrain and fantastic views, however, I seriously underestimated my fitness levels, the heat, and how much food I needed to take with me. Luckily I took my Montane gillet, hat and thin gloves with me as the cloud came in and, already feeling drained soon felt cold. I ran as quick as I could back down to town and arrived back home in beautiful sunshine feeling absolutely shattered. A great day but pretty ambitious after being at sea-level for the past 3 weeksImageImage

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Holiday over….time for training!!

After a fantastic 10 days in Denmark with my Dad, and another 10 days on the Costa Brava with my girlfriend and her family it’s now time to get serious about training. Although I did lots of long open water swimming sessions in Spain, and one bloody hot run, I feel like I don’t have any structure to my exercise routines at the moment, no goals to work towards and I’ve been drinking far too much beer. I’ve signed up for the Lausanne Triathlon on the 24th/25th August and the next month and a half are going to be dedicated to some serious all round fitness training, pushing my Sport Climbing grade as far as possible and zero alcohol consumption…wish me luck.hdmTxeoj8Vdb7o2wV8MuOGzAhXerpXHu-UAgaA_O2aA rjaAsiNYG3Bu07-R5zM4pKZTZgLW18qbX2vOoDASSN8 F5oFPkq7GagJOn61VnTwT32IaejbUlahOJ7wk3xzOgs vRep21Layel3TC3wcb1haZZLIQM82l5uF_vn5__VdcM wAOy_iLRGOHvhiQfKye61JzJtTvF4eHVI6wWnZ959Oc

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First Blog Post

Here is my first attempt at blogging…wish me luck! (better start from sea-level)

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